Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HP dv9653cl video card failure

The video card, an 8600m GS, in my HP dv9500 failed on Easter Sunday while I was starting Quake Wars. I called Costco concierge services and they put me in touch with an HP support person, who spoke english(Thank God!). They agreed that the video card had burned out and the support rep is sending me a box to ship my baby back to HP in. I bought a SATA hard drive enclosure to use to transfer, erase and archive my data with. The Rolling River has Very Generously loaned me his little Acer laptop, which is more than adequate for my needs and I am loading it up with my tools tonight. (THANKS Bro!) I am not happy about this. I am worried that it will just happen again when I load up a directx game in the future. I Searched the net for 'dv9653cl video card' and got 80 results; none of which related to a failure, so I am cautiously optimistic. More later

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