Wednesday, October 17, 2007

XP Sidebar Gone In Vista

[Update] Actually I am a moron. If you click on 'Organize' you can have your choice of an adjustable right side preview pane, or an adjustable bottom details pane. Another thing that is different about Vista is that the left hand sidebar is gone from Explorer windows. I noticed this today when I was looking at a list of images I am sorting through. It used to be that I could look at the details view to get dimensional info and the when I clicked on an image, a preview thumbnail would show up in the sidebar. No More. I miss the sidebar. Now I have to pause the mouse over each image thumbnail to get dimensions or open them up in a new window to preview. Extra steps. Not cool.


Outlook Junk Mail Filter Not Working

One of the things that really has been annoying me about the new Vista setup is that my junk mail filters on Outlook 2003 quit working. I tried uninstalling the trialware of Symantec crap, but that didn't help. Today I discovered a side benefit to uninstalling the Office Home and Student trialware was that my Outlook junk mail filters started working again. Yayyy!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Office 2007 Trial Ware is Crippled

The HP 9500 came with a trial version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 on it. Csv files that I opened while doing keyword research kept opening up in Excel 2007, which I couldn't use until I entered the key, which I was able to get with the Activation Assistant. Very handy. At least it was until I opened one of the aforementioned .csv files and was asked to activate Office 2007, which I did. Then I found that I could not cut or paste or even save the document unless I upgraded to the full(non-trial) version. Baleeted!@!@! Lame, totally lame. (Not only that, but when I uninstalled it, it removed some files that Office 2003 needed. What a piece of crap)